seaglass jeweller

Every One is Unique…

In the space of 3 months I have been to 5 weddings, and 2 hen dos. All have been special and unique to each couple, and each has been a different group of friends who have been special to me at different parts of my life (I’ve moved around a lot and it’s also that time in life….)
Everyone is different and when we are paired with someone else the relationship is again something special and more than the sum of it’s parts, (it’s probably a bit far fetched to relate this to our seaglass but…)
I have been thinking how each piece of seaglass is unique and special, and its journey through life and in the rough and tumble of the waves has shaped it specially, and like no other piece. Just like we are shaped by life and the highs and lows we go through. Then to find this piece of smooth, now opaque glass on the shore, put there randomly but also at such a time as this, to meet me as I walk past and pick it up, and make it into something to adorn and embellish, is something quite beautiful and special.
We hand pick each seaglass gem; for colour, texture, and size, to fit it’s style of jewellery. You can find something to fit your personality, or for a gift for someone special. A friend of mine bought the Siren necklace as a gift. The Siren Necklace features one piece of seaglass, and a piece of ceramic sea pottery; also found on the sea shore. The two pieces were to represent her and her twin; one favoured the ocean, the other the earthy woodland. We love to hear beautiful stories like this one, and we would love to hear any feedback you may have, and what you love about seaglass and all it’s unique properties.