Reclaim, recycle, reuse

Coming off the back of our first Zeaglass organised beach clean what have we learnt? Firstly never expect the weather to do what you want, especially in November! Secondly, you will always find something unexpected on a beach clean.

Our Surfers Against Sewage Autumn Beach Clean was a success in that we managed to clean the whole of Baby Bay in only an hour although that was probably driven by the need to get out of the drizzle and wind. Our dedicated pack of helpers were committed to picking up as much plastic they could find and filled up 3 bags. This might not sound a lot but Baby Bay is notorious for broken up plastic and “nurdles” – the small pieces of plastic that are waste from the plastic manufacturers. These are equally awkward to pick up and they are small and manage to lodge themselves in between bits of seaweed and in the dunes.

Other collected items included a small plastic tree, a spade without a handle, a plastic starfish sand mold, a used printer cartridge, a beer bottle and lots of small pieces of fishing net. It seems Baby Bay is the collection zone for this! The oddest find of the day was a seedpod that we originally thought was a piece of plastic. On further investigation we learnt the seed was from the Mucuna plant, found in tropical woodlands. How it came as far as New Polzeath we can only imagine but it does make you wonder, if the seed travelled so far, where did all the plastic come from?

Sadly on this occasion we found no seaglass while scouring the beaches but the lucky volunteers for the day all received a 10% off voucher to get themselves some Polzeath seaglass jewellery, a small piece of reclaimed rubbish from the sea that we could recycle and reuse to make something truly beautiful.