The Zeaglass story

Born out of a love for the ocean and for our environment, Zeaglass Jewellery started in Polzeath, Cornwall inspired by a beach clean. Wave-tumbled seaglass, hand-collected on local Cornish beaches is combined with recycled and sterling silver. Each product is completely unique and designed around each piece of seaglass so there is something to suit all.

Founders of Zeaglass Becky Adamczyk and Stevi Oliver live on the beautiful shores of North Cornwall. Often heading out for a longboard session, these girls noticed the amount of rubbish and rubble that plagued the sands of their local surf spot. Together with the collective ‘Zeathgirls’ from Polzeath they regularly took time out of their day to beach clean. What they found as well as plastic, ghost netting and bottle tops was washed up treasure! This is how the seaglass collection began and ‘Zeaglass’ was formed!

Zeaglass is designed and made by Becky and Stevi. The jewellery is made, where possible, with eco silver; 100% recycled. The seaglass is a recycled, individually unique product, hand collected from the beaches of North Cornwall. Where possible no harsh chemicals are used in the making process, which makes us smile.


Becky; a vet by trade, creative entrepreneur by nature… She enjoys crafting design ideas and making the jewellery as a creative outlet from her day to day job. She is the hunter gatherer. Becky collects mountains of seaglass on her walks with her adorable puppy Austin. Beckys heart for Zeaglass has enthused the Zeathgirls take the idea from dream to reality. The brains and driving force behind the business.

Stevi; trained as a jewellery designer/silversmith and is one of those incredibly versatile and talented people. She takes incredible photographs, does freelance graphic design and has a passion for fashion. Stevi has the style and skill to turn the seaglass into a wearable and innovative product.

Both Becky and Stevi are part of a collective called Zeathgirls; A group of women living in and around Polzeath with a love of surfing and empowering young women to learn to surf. In the summer months Zeathgirls hosts a group surf session once a week and love to welcome new members!